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Professor XPExposed or integrated supply air beam

Lindab's high performance active chilled beam Professor XP provides great freedom for the installation, as its inset height is lowest in the market, with an overall height of 120 mm only. It is available from 1.2 m up to 3.6 m length.
Professor XP is equipped with pre-set divergent nozzles, which provides a draft-free indoor climate and can be used for cooling, heating and ventilation. Professor XP can be furnished with the following features cooling, heating, ventilation, Regula Secura condensation guard, Regula connect cards, built-in valves and actuators, etc. LED lighting can be integrated on request. It offers many possibilities and great flexibility.
Professor XP is available with both 2-pipe and 4-pipe water connection and can be installed both exposed free hanging (F-; 120 mm) or recessed in a suspended ceiling (I-; 144 mm) in: single- and open offices, meeting rooms, entrance halls, schools, kinder gardens, banks, etc.
The new powerful battery concept from Lindab, from now on integrated in the Professor XP, offer 11 different standard battery types for Professor XP included both 2-pipe and 4-pipe water circuits. Always the best choice.
Lindab´s active chilled beams are Eurovent-certified and tested according to EN-15116.
Professor XP is available as standard, in signal white RAL 9003 or in pure white RAL 9010, gloss value 30. Other RAL colours on request.

  • Low building height – only 120mm
  • Battery types – always optimised energy use
  • Fan-shaped distribution pattern – low draft risk
  • High hygiene – easy to clean
  • Adaptable with lighting, exhaust etc.
  • Eurovent certified